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Flightpaths - monitoring progress

Use our Flightpaths package to turn your tracking data into a useful visual tool for students, teachers and parents.

Flightpaths show the history of a student's grades in each subject and whether they are maintaining good progress from Year 7 through to Year 11.

Teacher flight paths also show in colour-coded format the membership of vulnerable groups.

Flightpaths make it obvious visually which students are making excellent progress or poor progress compared to your baseline measure.

The flightpaths are excellent for learning conversations between students and teachers or for reviewing progress between middle leaders and teaching staff.

There are separate documents for the SEN coordinator containing school action, school action plus and statemented students, and also a pupil premium flightpath document.

They can also be given to parents as part of an annual report and there are guides for parents (KS3, KS4) and teachers (KS3, KS4).

You define the baseline level: in English and Maths it is typically the KS2 test sublevel (e.g. 4b, 4a, 5c) while for other subjects you may choose your own from the KS3 sublevel scale.

With the Flightpaths package come interactive race diagram charts for each subject in each year group.

Race diagrams show students coloured by levels of progress, but you can also highlight any vulnerable groups and teaching groups.

Hovering on an individual shows key items of data about them while clicking brings up their flightpath.